The social media course follows exactly how you would use social media daily – after implementing the training, the company and our clients have seen fan/follow the growth of up to 30% within the month!

The possibilities presented by social media for business are endless. Our Social Media Masterclass Training course is about achieving effective social media marketing communications for your organization.

We’ll show you how to use social media in the right way, to support your business objectives, rather than wasting time and resources.

Our Social Media training course is both practical and strategic. You will learn how to set up, manage, optimize & deliver integrated social media marketing campaigns through a mix of practical and theoretical content in a fun, interactive and practical way.

Social Media marketing has matured from being a ‘fad’ to being an integral part of the way we do business today. Clever organisations are now looking for a more strategic integrated approach for their social media marketing campaigns.

Discover the possible pitfalls of using Social Media, find out which social media sites will work best for your organisation and the best times to post updates.

You won’t just cover how to set up accounts and which buttons to click, our social media masterclass training course also includes advanced tips and tricks, as well as the planning, strategy, and content required to get a return on the time you invest in Social Media.

We have available different versions of our Social Media course for specific sectors including PR, recruitment, academic, and charities. We can run the training in-house at your premises anywhere in the world, using WhatsApp or Webinar platforms.

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Who is the Social Media Masterclass Course for?

This training course is ideal for individuals or organisations who wish to harness the power of social media or if you are:

  • New to or looking to learn more about the latest social media trends
  • Looking for an overview of social media or get to grips with the platforms
  • Enhancing your knowledge of the latest trends and developments
  • Wanting to learn about best practice
  • Confused about the best platforms for your organisation to achieve its goals
  • Already using social media and looking to increase your return on investment
  • Looking for tools to optimise your existing social media activities
  • Looking to monitor and measure your social media efforts
  • Creating a social media marketing plan for your business

Course Objectives

  • Understand the underlying principles of using Social Media to engage with your clients and target audience
  • Formulate an action plan that combines the key Social Media Networks and tools
  • Effectively create compelling content to increase your online presence
  • Monitor the success of your Social Media campaign
  • Generate ideas for social media strategies that work

Call us on +17707076206 for any training consultation.