What Makes Cavil Consult Unique

A bit about who we are, how we think, & why we get out of bed every morning to do what we do.

We Believe In Accountability
For Real Business Results

Cavil Consult is a Social Influence brand with her Headquarters in the US and Nigeria. We offer out-of-the-box digital media and marketing solutions for Businesses, government establishments, and offices, Not-for-profit organizations, and individuals. We have worked from Nigeria since 2015 delivering a broad array of social media services to many beneficiaries and partners in Akwa Ibom and other Nigerian states and beyond.

We design user-centered digital strategy, which connects brands to their audience. Cavil Consult also provides extreme confidential reputation management and strategic communications for brands, public service, etc. Our ORM strategies are designed to help our clients mold or reinforce positive reputation.

Reviews from Our Clients

We’re really good at what we do. But we don’t like to brag. So instead of telling you how awesome our workplace is and how fast we’re growing, we’ll just show you the list of awards our agency has won.

Cavil Consult gave us a boost in sales during Christmas by creating amazing digital campaigns for us. Enhancing our brand awareness within the digital space.

Eni Stores Limited

Values hard work and believes in quality and not just mere showing off, he puts clients first and has an awesome customer relation. My experience working with him on a fashion campaign was very insightful.

Mrs. Becky Asindi
AOP and CEO, Beckyscouch

During Cavil Consult Social Media Masterclass, it was really inspiring. I must tell you, I have a furnace of fire burning in me now.
Saint Chrysantus
CEO, St.Chrysantus Photography

The All-Consuming Mission

Our #1 all-consuming mission is to deliver a meaningful, sustained business “win” in the earliest months of our engagement. And then to continue building on it, every day, every month, every year.

This is far from puffery. It’s our organizational mission. We’re constantly asking, “What are you doing right now to move the needle for your clients?” And celebrating win-stories.

We celebrate incremental wins every day. Why? Because incremental, compounding wins add up a whole lot faster than “once in a blue moon” big wins.

A small win-story every day is better than a large win-story every few weeks.

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